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Write your Will and ancillary documents to safe-guard your loved ones and maintain accurate records. Update your Will anytime with a few clicks and keep retained forever. Keep records of your heirs, assets, debts and more. Update with a few taps. Share your Will and other important documents with heirs and executors at a predefined date or on your demise. Access our panel of Advisors and Legal Experts when required.

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Organise Life.

Organise and keep important documents and files safe and immutable in the Waseeya Vault. Manage and restrict access to your files with our advanced Identity Verification, Biometric and Face Authentication. Ensure only appointed individuals determined by you access specific documents and files. Share your documents and files at a predefined date or on your demise. Advanced bank-level encryption keep your documents safe and tamper-proof.
  • Organise

    Collate all of your documents, send timed messages to loved ones, and pass on advice for future generations.
  • Plan

    Ensure your assets are protected and distributed in the way that you want them to be.
  • Secure

    Store all of your personal documents with bank-level encryption, biometric and multi-factor authentication.
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Frequently Asked Questions

It is not a legal requirement in England and Wales to have a will. However, having a legally valid will helps to protect your assets, and provides financial security for your loved ones. Without a will, there are certain rules called ‘intestacy laws’ that decide the allocation of your money and possessions for you. This not only means you might have to pay more inheritance tax, but you also don’t get a say in who gets what.
Waseeya makes the process of writing a will quick, easy, and affordable. The current process of writing and updating wills is expensive, complex, and fails to capture invaluable memories for your loved ones. Advances in technology have made it possible to simplify the process. We help you leave behind the full story. We founded Waseeya because we believe that every person should be able to write their own legacy.
Both Waseeya’s UK and Islamic will templates have been verified by UK solicitors and are fully enforceable under UK law. An Islamic will follows Islamic inheritance laws as derived from the Quran and the Sunnah (with actions, sayings, and consents) of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). A standard UK will is not based on Islamic law, and enables you to fully determine who gets to benefit from your estate.
Waseeya’s standard UK and Islamic wills are suitable for individuals with total assets limits within the inheritance tax nil rate band (currently £325,000 in 2022/2023). Customers who have assets in excess of that nil rate band, those who own businesses or those with foreign assets are strongly recommended to choose the bespoke will service. This service will enable us to share your unique requirements with a qualified UK law firm from the panel of law firms that Waseeya works to deliver a tailored structured solution that best meets your requirements.
Anyone who has memories to capture, messages to share with loved ones and important estate related or personal documents to store, can take advantage of what's on offer with Waseeya. A Waseeya account and all our products and services will offer a great advantage to those who live in or have assets in England & wales and are over the age of 18. Our will documents are currently only tailored towards the laws of England and Wales. However, Waseeya is in the process of setting up operating platforms in the UAE, the Subcontinent, the Middle East and the Far East.
We offer the following options to our users.
  1. Single Will £99.99 OFFER £ 49.99
    This allows you to draft your will entirely using our app.
  2. Telephone Will £299 OFFER £ 199.99
    This allows the customer access to our expert team to help you draft your Will guided on the telephone and we send the final draft to you for your review. Once you are satisfied, you can either print the Will and follow the guidance notes to execute your Will; or we can print and mail the copies to you with instructions on how to execute your Will..
  3. Waseeya Cloud Subscription £ 29.99
    £29.99 monthly – this option gives the customer all the bells and whistles of Waseeya’s app (including a secure and encrypted Vault and Time Capsule option), lifetime amendments to your will are also included.
  4. Waseeya Storage Subscription £ 10.99
    £10.99 monthly – this option gives the customer access to Wasseya Storage, to the secure and encrypted Vault and Time Capsule
  5. Free subscription
    this allows you to explore the Waseeya app, go through the Waseeya Will journey and other products. Once you are satisfied with the experience you could choose one of the available subscription options to really utilise the products available on the platform.
The Waseeya Cloud Subscription allows you to make changes to your will as often as required without any additional cost. You need to use a ‘Codicil’ to make an addendum to your existing will. However, if you have multiple changes to make, it’s better to write a new will, which you can make using the latest version of your will saved in the Waseeya app. If you have opted for Waseeya’s bespoke will services, any changes to your will may require specific guidance from a legal expert, and can be done through a Codicil (available on the Waseeya Cloud). However, should a change require expert legal engagement this will incur additional costs.
The Waseeya Vault is a secure digital space where you can create and store documents or personal messages for the people who mean the most to you. The Vault allows you to:
  • Store personal documents such as your will, investments, pension, medical records, children records
  • Save precious photos and video memories
  • Leave instructions for an executor to distribute your estate as you wish
  • Allocate special dates to share the captured memories with your loved ones
The Waseeya Vault will organise your precious memories and important documents. It will then distribute them safely to your loved ones at a time of your choosing.
The Waseeya Time Capsule enables you to deliver messages to your loved ones in the future. Create a capsule of memories and send them to your loved ones at special moments throughout their life.
The data that you provide whilst using the Waseeya app is not only protected but we take every possible step to ensure its privacy. Our application employs full end-to-end encryption and user database encryption is applied on the database, its backup and logs. We apply server level encryption across all databases including vault storage. Waseeya is also EU GDPR compliant. Waseeya’s Vault is unique and extremely secure. Only customers who have completed Know Your Customer (“KYC”) authentication can upload documents. If you share documents with non-users, the app also requires them to go through KYC and biometric checks. This ensures that all customer data is protected and that only authorised individuals have access to it.
Yes, Waseeya offers our customers the option of a telephone will. Our team will help you do your Will and send the final draft to you for your review. Once you are satisfied you can either print the Will and follow the guidance notes to execute your Will yourself, or we can print and mail the copies to you with instructions on how exactly to execute your Will.
Waseeya’s platform enables you to draft a number of documents - a will, an interest free loan agreement, a gift deed, a codicil etc. The information required to complete all documents other than a will is minimal and limited only to what is legally required. When it comes to drafting your Will, the questionnaire requires full information about you, your beneficiaries, guardians for your minor children, your executor and witnesses. Any information sought is used only to identify the named parties and makes sure the probate process runs smoothly. By sharing your important information with us securely on the questionnaire, it helps with your estate planning discipline, and most importantly, helps your executors to create the legacy you want to leave behind for the people that matter to you the most. We know the importance of respecting and keeping your sensitive data safe. That’s why Waseeya’s app uses full end-to-end encryption, and is UK Data Protection Act compliant. Plus, we apply server level encryption across all databases, including the Vault storage. This means that the personal data you provide is encrypted and in an ecosystem that only you can access. You choose when your executors and/or beneficiaries have access to this data. The more information you put into the system, the more that becomes available to your executors and beneficiaries once they receive a copy of your will. This makes the whole process of succession and probate smoother for all.
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Waseeya is a legal technology platform that helps people create, execute and safely store digital legal agreements which can be amended as frequently as the creator wishes without having to visit their solicitor, attorney, notary public or local government office on each occasion.

The founders of Waseeya share a common vision to make the process of creating, updating, executing and storing wills and distributing their estate not only easy but affordable. Waseeya seeks to revolutionise the way we record private loans and discretionary gift agreements. The legacy that one leaves behind is not just money or assets left behind, but memories of cherished moments that are often forgotten. Waseeya makes the process of writing a comprehensive will and sharing invaluable memories easy.

Wills are just the beginning of a series of value added products, services and features designed to enrich your life and bring joy to your family, leaving a lasting legacy.

Our team of legal, technology and financial experts is working on a series of products and services that will enable Waseeya to become a personal estate and financial management tool for individuals and families. Blockchain (or distributed ledger) technology will be introduced to enhance the level of trust in document issuance and make the process tamper proof.

The current process of writing and updating wills is not only expensive and complex but it fails to recognise the importance of storing & sharing of memories and leaving behind invaluable advice to loved ones.

We founded Waseeya because we believe that anyone who has anything to will must have a will. Technology makes it possible to simplify the process of writing and updating wills and other legal documents. Making these processes simple, affordable and without the inconvenience of having to visit a solicitor, will writer, notary, etc. We’ve introduced the concept of the Waseeya Vault which is designed as a secure digital space where one can create personal folders for themselves and their loved ones for the creation and storage of:
  • Personal documents
  • Photos and videos (including videos recorded through the Waseeya app
  • Instructions to will executors / attorneys pertaining to dissolution of their estate
  • Specify dates on which a document, file or video message can be shared with a loved one.
The Waseeya Vault not only facilitates the organisation of your valuable documents, photos, videos and written memories but ensures that these are safely passed on to your loved ones, at a time of your choosing. The folders can be shared with beneficiaries to your estate or your loved ones at a time of your choosing thereby enabling sharing of your legacy and memories in a controlled manner. You determine what is shared, with who and when.
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